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How Does Gary Create a Black Background In All His YouTube Videos?

Hi Gary,
I am a huge fan of MacMost and also Gary’s tutorials on Udemy.
You always use a black background for almost all your YouTube videos. May I assume you are simply using a green screen?
I tried to find the answer in your past videos (like “My studio setup”) and I did not find the answer.
Vincent Allard

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    4 years ago

    Much simpler than that. I have experimented in the past with green screens and found that they slow down the editing and exporting process, in addition to never looking quite right. At least not without a lot of professional lighting and patience.
    So I took a simpler approach. Here’s a picture.

    It is just a plain piece of black fabric meant for photography. I also “mask” the back of my chair by simply throwing a black t-shirt over it. The black-colored cotton hides the chair, which would otherwise be shiny black leather and you’ll see the glare.
    Notice that the screen has three grommets at the top so I can hang it and remove it easily. So I can do my videos and then take it down so my office isn’t too dark the rest of the time.

    Mr. Krispy
    4 years ago

    So where do you buy black fabric that is meant for photography? Any ol’ fabric store?

    4 years ago

    Krispy: Just search Amazon for “black photography fabric.”

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