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How Does Mail “Send Later” Operate In the New Ventura?

You showed the new Apple Mail option coming in Ventura. I was wondering if I would have to have Mail running in background to use the Send Later function? At present I’m using Spark as my default email and have created templates that I schedule during the week which reside in ‘their outbox.

If the revised Apple Mail app has to be running at all times, this would defeat that option, correct? I normally close my apps b/4 I but my iMac to sleep.
William B.

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    2 years ago

    In my tests it will work if you quit Mail completely. Not sure why you would want to quit Mail completely (It is always running hidden or in another space for me). But if you do quit it, maybe to focus on other work without distractions, then it will still send the email on time. A process in the background must be handling it.

    Furthermore, if you put your Mac to sleep, such as closing the lid on a MacBook, it still works. So the "power nap" feature is still allowing that process and the email is sent.

    And it works with both Mail not running, and the Mac asleep.

    Of course, if you shut down your Mac completely, then it won't work.

    In addition, there seems to be a bug that means it doesn't even send when you start up again. But that is probably just a bug yet to be fixed as this is only the beta 1 for developers. I'd imagine it would send after starting up again when they are done.

    Why do you quit apps before putting your iMac to sleep? I don't see the purpose in that. Just wastes your time when you put it to sleep, and then wastes your time again when you wake it up.

    Chris Schultz
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the post. From what I understand then, mail will use something in the client to send the message. It is not as though it is stored on the mail server somewhere and it is sent even if the computer off line. For instance, if I request the message to be sent later because I know I will be on a plane disconnected from the internet, the message will not send, am I correct?

    2 years ago

    Chris: Right, it is client-side. Couldn't be server-side unless it was something like iCloud accounts-only, which it isn't. Then every single email provider (iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, your server, my server, some guy named "Joe"'s old server he hasn't updated since 2004, etc) would have to have a standard system to send emails later. That's never going to happen.

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