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How Edit Text In ‘Numbers’ Cell Which Has Been Populated From a Pop Up Menu?

Mac Numbers: I have several sentences that I tend to use over and over again, I have created a pop up menu (using a MacMost tutorial) with all of these sentences in which is great. My problem is that once I have selected the sentence I want to use from the pop up menu, I sometimes want to add details to it (a date, a name etc.) how can I do this? At the moment once I have selected an item from my pop up menu it is uneditable.

Thank you


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    2 years ago

    If you set the format of a cell to Pop-Up Menu, then it will give you just that. You can only select from items in the pop-up menu list.

    So you have a few options. One is to come to the conclusion that a Pop-Up Menu format for this column is not what you need. Just switch to Text format and type in the cells. Thanks to Numbers’ autocomplete function, you shouldn’t have to type much as autocomplete will act as a sort of pop-up menu for you, but you can type anything you want if you want, and also edit the cells as normal text. You can also copy and paste from previous cells to make things quicker too.

    Another option is to put those details in another column. So you have a Description column with selections only from the Pop-Up Menu and then a Details column that you could leave blank or add dates, names, etc. Maybe even more columns would be helpful. The more columns you have and the better you organize your data, the more powerful your spreadsheet becomes.

    Tom Fellows
    2 years ago

    Gary Rosenzweig thank you so much for your prompt response. I hear you loud and clear and I think I’ll implement a combination of your suggestions. I’ve already been messing around with some options since I posted the question. Thanks again.


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