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How Get an iPhoto Album Into Photos?

Over the years you have covered this subject numerous times, so forgive me for belaboring the issue and for bothering you on Father’s Day. On my Mac (Version 10.14.5) I have an album in iPhoto containing about 500 photos. What is the easiest way to get it into Photos? Thank You.
Don Palmer

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    2 years ago

    So if it that you want to convert your old iPhoto Library to start using Photos? Or, are you already using Photos, but have 500 photos that is just a part of your old iPhoto library that you want to bring in? I’ll assume the latter.

    Do you still have iPhoto? If so, I’d open up that library in iPhoto, export (drag and drop) those 500 photos into a folder in the Finder. Then quit iPhoto and go into Photos. Create a new album there. Then drag and drop those 500 photos into it.

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