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How I Capitalize Each Letter In a Spreadsheet After the Fact?

I cannot find a way to change a selection of text boxes to ALL CAPS. The option in the “text” section where it might be is grayed out.

I have a long list down the left of the spreadsheet of three letters for each day of the week for one months worth of days which have only the first letter of the three capitalized and I decided it would be more visible if all three were capitalized. Rather than retype each one I was looking for a simple method to make all the letters capitalized (as you might do in Pages or Word).
Rod Magner

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    3 years ago

    Create a new column next to this one. Say the first is column A and you create a new column B. In cell B2, use the formula =UPPER(A2) to get an all-uppercase version of the text. Copy and paste that throughout column B. So now you have your desired uppercase text in column B.

    Select and copy all of the cells in column B. Select all of the cells in column A and then use Edit, Paste Formula Results to replace the text there with the new text. Then delete the new column.

    Rod Magner
    3 years ago

    Works, of course! And Thanks Gary. Happy to send you a free copy of my ebook "Little Magic" as a Thank You but would need an email address to send it to. Rod

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