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How Important Is Java for the Mac?

I seem to be getting notifications for Java updates with increasing frequency. I always try to keep all software up-to-date on my Mac, but not only is Java popping up more often, but the update installer wants to change my homepage to Yahoo. It’s to the point where it’s a disruptive nuisance.

So my question, is Java important enough for my Mac that I should just grin and bear it and continue updating, or is it not as important as it once was and I can kick it to the curb?

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    4 years ago

    I can think of two reasons to have Java on your Mac. The first is to access web-based Java apps. This is becoming rare. The second is if an app on your Mac uses Java for something. This is still fairly common. But how to tell?
    Well, one way is to go to the Terminal and type:
    find /Applications -type f -name *.jar
    This isn’t an accurate list of apps that use Java, but it just searches for any apps that have some sort of Java component. Could be that some obscure function, like an odd file export command, uses Java and it isn’t really required. But it will give you an idea.
    When I try it, it seems that a lot of Adobe apps use it, CrashPlan uses it (I knew that), and Xcode uses it. So I won’t even think about getting rid of Java.
    But the next step if I would want to proceed would be to uninstall it and see what happens. If something I use required Java, I guess I would find out very quickly and then reinstall.
    I haven’t been getting any update notices myself. Perhaps you have the official Java install and I am using the last Apple Java install ( Naturally there wouldn’t be any updates to Apple’s install since it is old. But even though it is old, it is enough to support all of my apps that require it.

    Cameron Price
    4 years ago


    Did the Terminal thing. Only Firefox and Stanza came up, which I virtually never use. So I’ve uninstalled my Java and am currently downloading from the link you gave me.

    Martin Kelinsky
    4 years ago

    I found it needed for: Open Office, Wacom Tablet, Logitech Harmony Remote, and

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