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How Many Files Are Contained In a Large Folder?

Is there a way to see how many files are contained in a folder in the Finder?

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    2 years ago

    Several ways. You can select the folder and use Command+i to see the folder's info. It shows the number of items in "Size" at the end. For instance: "19,557,251 bytes (19.6 MB on disk) for 5 items."

    If you want to check for several folders, use View, Show Inspector instead (hold the Option key down to reveal that command). That is the same as the Info window, but it will show info for whatever is selected. So you can select one folder and then another.

    You can also see this with Quick Look. Select a folder and use the spacebar to bring up Quick Look. For files it shows a preview. But for folders it just shows the folder icon and then the size and number of items in the folder.

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