Forum Question: How Many Genius Mixes?

How does iTunes decide how many and what kind of Genius Mixes to create? I have a lot of “Easy Listening” music, but there’s no Genius Mix for that.
Kirk Aplin

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    11/3/10 @ 3:17 pm

    I don’t think Apple has made their formula for creating Genius mixes public. So we just don’t know. But if you want something specific — then Genius mixes aren’t for you anyway. For instance, you could just create a playlist of all of your easy listening tracks and shuffle it. Or, you could select a single easy listening track and create a Genius Playlist based on that one song. Just select the song and press the Genius button at the bottom of iTunes.

      Kirk Aplin
      11/3/10 @ 5:52 pm

      I have dozens of playlists for all kinds of moods and themes. I also have 12 Genius Mixes including a Country Mix, and I rate Country only a tad higher than rap. I like the unpredictability of GMs and I just would like to understand. Guess it’s one of those mysteries that will remain unsolved for a while.
      Thanks for the Comment.

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