Forum Question: How much iPad memory?

Gary, could you “think out loud” regarding how much memory one should consider getting on an iPad? I suspect maxing it out usually makes the best sense, but I have a temporary cash-flow problem.

— John Russell

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    5/14/10 @ 6:07 am

    The three things that will fill up memory are apps, videos and music. But apps don’t take upmas much space as people think. With a few exceptions, even big apps are still pretty small compared to video. You can cram your iPad full of good apps any only use a fraction of a 16GB iPad. And documents, like books, Pages, PDFS, etc, will only take up a small amount unless you have a lot of them or some huge ones.
    Music can fill up an iPod or iPhone if you have thousands of songs. But the iPad isn’t really like that as you can work out with it or stick it in your pocket. unless you plan to use it like an iPod, you can usually do without having a huge music collection on it.
    Video can eat up GB easily, but do you plan on carrying around a library of video? Probably not. Maybe one or two movies at a time for an airline flight or something.
    Photos also take up space, but you can limit yourself there too.
    So if you keep the music collection reasonable, and the videos down to a movie or two, then16Gb is plenty.

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