Forum Question: How much memory can I install in my iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo

I have one of the first intel iMacs. I have 1GB DDR2 SDRAM installed in each slot. Can I upgrade these to something higher? There are so many websites with conflicting answers. One said that this is the most memory that I can install in this computer. I would like to know if that is true.
Kevin Durr

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    6/7/11 @ 7:21 pm

    Which Mac do you have, exactly? What’s the model number?
    That’s the first thing you need to do.
    Go to Apple Menu, About this Mac. Then More Info. Click on Hardware on the left and look for the Serial Number on the right.
    Then copy and paste that into the “Search Tech Specs “search field on
    Then click on your model, which should appear.
    Right there you should see the possible configurations for memory. But you can also use that model number to search memory sites for what they say.

    6/7/11 @ 7:47 pm

    Thanks! I guess I can only support up to 2GB, which is what I have. Maybe it is time for an upgrade!

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