Forum Question: How safe are passwords stored online with 1Password?

Hi. I have three computers at home. I keep my passwords in a password-protected document, which I periodically copy to a USB thumb drive, then copy onto the other computers. That way, I have the password list on each computer.
How does one use 1Password with three computers? Can one manually copy a password list via the above process to each computer, or does the 1Password list of passwords have to be stored in the cloud? Is it really save to entrust all of ones important passwords to a cloud provider?
Thanks for your comments on this topic …

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    8/5/11 @ 8:36 am

    So are you saying that you want to take your 1Password data file and put it online?
    If so, then the way I understand it, it is perfectly safe.
    That database file is an encrypted file. You need your mast password to decrypt it (make sure that is a good strong password).
    Without that password, it is just a bunch of bytes, no useable data.
    It probably could be broken by an organization with a ton of time and resources (government intelligence agencies). But if you are in that line of work, then you probably wouldn’t be asking me this question :)

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