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How Should I Migrate To 16”?

I’ll be buying a 16” MBP and will migrate from a 15” model several years old. In previous migrations I’ve done the usual connecting the two computers and transferring lock, stock, and barrel. Should I do that again, or should I download fresh copies of my apps and re-install on the new computer? Would it be worth going through this effort, avoiding the transfer of “bad stuff” developed over the years, or should I just proceed as in the past?

Thanks as always.
John Russell

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    2 years ago

    Either way works. Migration assistant works great and I don’t think you need to worry about “the transfer of bad stuff” as long as you are happy with how your Mac works now.

    I’m at the point where I have everything in the cloud (iCloud and Dropbox) so moving to a new computer is just a matter of signing in and downloading apps. It does work as kind of a spring cleaning as I hold off getting apps until I need them, so I end up never transferring some apps and I save that space and find out what I really use and what I don’t.

    John Russell
    2 years ago

    I like your iCloud procedure a lot. Might this method lose app preferences (not a big deal)? Might this method interfere with 1Password’s efficiencies (a somewhat bigger deal)?

    2 years ago

    John: I store my 1Password database on Dropbox. So all I need to do is install Dropbox and get that working. Then Install 1Password and select the database in my Dropbox folder. I assume if you use 1Password’s service, you just install 1Password and sign in to your account.
    As for preferences, yes, I suppose, but I’m already using both a desktop Mac and a MacBook Pro, so I try to keep customizations for apps to a minimum.

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