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How Sync Contacts & Calendar Among All Apple Devices?

How do I sync MacBook Pro, iPad 7G, & iPhone in order that they all mirror contacts, calendar, music, photos etc.For example, contacts on Mac & iPhone are not identical.
Ron Hinson

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    4 years ago

    It depends on what system you are using to store this information. For instance, if you are using iCloud, then you would sign into the same iCloud account for every device, and enable Contacts and Calendar for each of those to sync them. But you'd also need to make sure that you are creating your contacts and calendars in iCloud. You have the option to create new contacts and calendars "On My X" and also in other systems (like Google Gmail). Obviously, if you are syncing iCloud things but store something in a contact outside of iCloud, then it won't sync.

    As for Music, that depends. Apple Music? Spotify? Downloaded or ripped mp3s? Purchased iTunes music? Apple Music and Spotify -- it is just a matter of signing into the same services. But actual music files will take more effort. Look into iTunes Match.

    As for Photos, that would be iCloud Photos Library. But if you are using a different cloud service, like Google, then that has its own special service you'd need to use on all devices.

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