Forum Question: How to add longer titles in iMovie

I’m using iMovie with stills and movies about vacations we’ve been on. I want to do an introduction before each section during the vacation, but the introductions are lengthy in that I want to explain certain things. None of the titles in iMovie give me the length that I need. How can I add or create long titles/intros and then move them into iMovie to be used?

— Aleta

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    6/15/10 @ 10:58 am

    The one that should be able to handle it is the “scrolling credits.” You can go as long as you want.
    Otherwise, consider making a series of images, the exact size of the screen, with text on them. You can use any image editor. Then drop them in as pictures.

    4/26/11 @ 6:27 pm

    IVE FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go up to ‘clip’ (top left) and click on ‘slow motion’ then it should come up with: ’10’, ’25’ and ’50’ that with make that particular clip go for a longer time

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