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How To Add Page Border On Pages ’09?

I have a document that should be made with page border and I am using Pages’09. I understand Microsoft Word 2007 has this option, but I prefer to use Pages with my Mac because of the wide array of options I cannot get from Microsoft Office. So, how can I prepare this important document on Pages’09 with a page border in each page?
JR Castro

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    7 years ago

    A lot depends on what type of document you have (layout or word processing) and whether you want this to be a single page or you want the border to go across many pages.
    The basics are to add a rectangle shape to the document. Then in the Arrange menu send it behind everything, or to the background if you are using a word processing template.
    You probably want to use the Inspector to set the stroke of the shape to the thickness and color of the line you want. And set the fill to None.
    Now if this is a word processing document, then you may want the background to appear on all pages, not just one. To do that you need to use the menu item Format, Advanced, Move Object to Selection Master. This puts the object on the master, which appears behind all pages.
    Here’s the basic concept, but with a background image, not a border. The idea is the same, but you are using a rectangle shape instead of an image.

    JR Castro
    7 years ago

    Basically, having the required border will be possible if you use a shape (like that of an image) with no fill and make it a master object for each page in a section to have.

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