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How To Add Page Numbers In Page Layout Book Template?

Insert page numbers. Have watched the tutorial but still having problems. Started a book template in page layout mode. Using facing pages and “left and right pages are different”. Trying to use only footer area for page number. Can add # or one page when hovering on footer area but it does not repeat 1-up on subsequent pages. Under “Format” page numbering is greyed out. Also greyed out in pages tool bar.

Insert page number in blank book template using page layout mode. Only want page numbers in footer area. Have unchecked header box.

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    2 years ago

    You have to add it to the page template, not the page itself. If you are using more than one page template, then you have to add it to each template. Go to View, Edit Page Templates. Then add a text box where you want the page number and add the page number with Insert, Page Number into that text box.

    2 years ago

    Thank you. That worked. So, I'm guessing, in page layout mode the header and footer really don't matter when it comes to page #'s if text boxes are to be used.

    Wendy Bradley
    2 years ago

    Hi! I'm looking for a video on how to use the Book template...

    1. Want to import a page-layout document to a book template
    2. Can't figure out how to move thumbnails around when I want to change page locations

    2 years ago

    Wendy: If the document is in Page Layout mode, then you should be able to drag and drop pages in the left sidebar.

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