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How To Add Suffix To Cell Formula Results?

How can I add a suffix to the formula result in a cell. So I have

Cell a1 “Total Steel KG”, Cell b1 “1200”
Cell a2 “Total area Sq. Ft., ” Cell b2 ” 800″
Cell a3 “Cost of Steel $/KG”. , Cell b3 “2”
Cell a4 ” Fabrication labour $/KG” , Cell B4 ” 1.5 ”
Cell a5 ” Formula b1*(b3+b4)/b2″ or (1200*(2+1.5)/800)= 5.25, I want to suffix this result by $/sq.ft.
Sudhir Gupta

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    2 years ago

    Use a custom cell format. Choose all of the cells in that column. Then in the right sidebar, choose Format, Cell. Then for Data Formatted choose Custom. Name it "Dollars Per Square Foot." Then set it to Type: Number. Set the format to #,### and then .## and then add any text you like, such as " $/sqft" Maybe add the - (space) before that too.


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