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How To Auto Populate Drop Down Menu With Text?

Trying to create multiple drop down menus ( say Sheet 1column B) that refs another sheet containing 500 food types and there nutritional data.
Each food I eat will be selected from a dropdown menu (sheet1) and lookup and display sugar and carb and fat levels ( from data sheet ) beside associated drop downs on (sheet 1).

Eat another food that day and use the another drop down ( sheet 1) to repeat process , to give me daily intake on sheet !

Any tips welcome – as need this to monitor my disease…


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    6 years ago

    There's no way to populate a drop down menu in Numnbers other than adding each one individually. Your best bet is to type in the food and make sure it matches the text on the other sheet. Copy and paste will work for that too. Once you do it the first time, then autocomplete should kick in. So if you enter "Pizza" into the column on row 27, and then later on go to enter "Pizza" at row 76, you should get an autocomplete for Pizza after typing only part of the word.

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