Forum Question: How to auto upload from a Compact Flash card

Hi Gary, I am a professional photographer who uses an express card 34 devise to upload my photos ( from CF card). My ol’ PC would auto upload all of the images once the EXPressCD 34 was inserted.
Does my Macbook Pro ( march 2011) have a preference that does this? If not is there reliable third party software that can bring efficiency and balance back to my universe?
Appreciate the podcasts.
Greg Allen

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    9/12/11 @ 6:42 am

    Sometimes when you insert an external “drive” device in a Mac, and it recognizes it as a “camera” it will automatically launch iPhoto. Then one click will let you import the photos.
    But if it isn’t doing it for your CF card when you insert it into your drive, it must not be sure that importing is what you want.
    There may be a way to change that, but I don’t know what would trigger it.
    But it doesn’t seem like launching iPhoto and then clicking Import (two clicks) as opposed to one click is enough of a reason to spend time looking for the trigger, if it exists.

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