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How to automatically sync PDFs to the iPad

I would like to use my iPad to track my medical records. Is there a way to automatically sync, and store, these records from my iMac to the ipad? One that does not rely on a wifi connection.
Robert Poland

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    10 years ago

    Are the records in a certain format? Something standard like PDF? Or something specific to a medical records application?
    You can use an app like GoodReader to transfer lots of file types between your Mac and PC via the dock cable and iTunes. iBooks can do plain PDFs, of course.
    See episode 400 for the basic idea of transferring files via iTunes/dock cable:

    Robert Poland
    10 years ago

    The question is about PDF files.

    But I’m looking for a way to automatically sync the files, something like DropBox.

    With GoodReader and others I haver to manually drag the files over every time there is a change.

      10 years ago

      I can’t think of any way to do it without using a wifi connection. You’d need functionality like what iTunes does with songs — syncing every time you connect your iPad to your Mac.
      With wifi, you could do it in a way. Dropbox is one of them, kinda. You can grab files from Dropbox in an app like GoodReader. It wouldn’t sync automatically, though. But those documents would be “in the cloud” so you would have access to them when you needed them. You can do the same with most other cloud services.
      Evernote might be a better option. Requires wifi to do the sync, but you can make each PDF a note on your Mac in Evernote, and then view those files in Evernote on your iPhone or iPad. But it does sync through the Internet, not your local network. So you can update your Evernote records on your Mac in one location, and then check them on your iPad in another and see the new records.

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