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How To Avoid Vanishing Menu Bar?

Running Mac OS Sierra, the title bar at the top of the screen disappears. It is not the ‘auto hide etc menu bar’ in Settings. Only happens sometimes. Do you have any idea what it might be? (Strangely, it didn’t happen on my iMac, only my MacBook Air).
William Pierce

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    4 years ago

    That System Preferences setting is the main culprit. But you know that isn’t it in your case.
    It could be a third-part system extension you have installed.
    But I think it is more likely that you are simply taking apps into full screen mode. Full screen mode takes away the menu bar, dock and other elements. The menu bar will still be there when you move your cursor to the top and wait.
    The easiest way to get into full screen mode within an app is to simply click the green button at the top left corner of the app’s window. Maybe you are doing that?
    You can also choose View, Enter Full Screen or Control+Command+F. But you’d probably recognize full screen mode as the culprit if you were doing that.
    Also, if you have put an app into full screen mode, and simply switch away from it to an app that isn’t in full screen mode, the first app remains in full screen mode, on a different Mission Control desktop. So when you switch back to that app, you go back into full screen mode and the menu bar goes away.
    See some of my videos on Mission Control and full screen mode like this one.

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