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How To Back Up Mail In 10.8.2

In the other versions of the operating system I had no trouble in locating the files to back. Now I cannot seem to find the mail folder.
I just need to back these up every day to the server using automator.

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    7 years ago

    First, if you are backing up with Time Machine, then yes your Mail is backed up. And you should be using Time Machine.
    Second, if you are using modern email (IMAP, Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, etc) then your email is on the server. You are just viewing it there. You should be using modern email, especially if you are worried about this kind of thing.
    To locate your email folder, you must hold down the Option key and go to the Go menu, then select Library. It only appears if you have the Option key held down.
    Then your Mail folder is in there, same place it has been for many versions of OS X.
    But backing it up with Automator isn’t a good solution. You should use both Time Machine and modern IMAP email to do it right.

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