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How To Backup My Apple Mails?

I am new at using MAC and on the very first day of my new job, my mentor gave me a stressful task to Backup Emails on the Mail application. There are 3 email ids, and these are our support email database. Overall there are tons of emails in the inbox. I need to backup every mail, contact list, and the address book as well. I had a tried for manual procedures and found out that Apple Mail Export and Time Machine Backup are doing good. I tried them, but they are taking too long. I need a quick solution to Backup these emails.

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    2 years ago

    Time Machine backs up everything on your hard drive. Apple Mail export will save out a standard mbox file for the mailbox you have selected. It is a good option as long as all of your email is actually there on your Mac. Whether it is or not depends on the type of mail server you are using. Email these days is a cloud service (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc) and often all of your email is on the server, but only a small portion of it is there on your local hard drive. The Mail app is more of a “viewer” than a repository of all of your messages. But it sounds like in you your case you see all of your email there.

    So I would just use the export function. Not sure what you mean by “taking too long” — I can’t think of a faster method. I guess you could locate the Mail app databases on your hard drive and duplicate them. But that would be a poor backup as it would be hard to use those files in case of an emergency or as any kind of archive.

    I would just do the export and wait for it to complete. Either that, or use the web-based interface for whatever email system you are using and see if there is an “export” or “archive” function there. You left out the very important piece of information (what email server type are you using?) so I don’t know if that is a possibility.

    2 years ago

    thanks for the endorsement Gary

    2 years ago

    i got my solution from here:

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