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How To Best Migrate Data From My PC To Mac?

I recently got a MacBook and am trying to find the best way of migrating over my data from my old PC to my new machine. I’ve read some conflicting reports on how easy Migration Assistant is to use and am wondering if that’s the way to go or should I just copy files from a external hard drive backup? I’m moving about 300GB of music and photos that are not stored in the cloud.

And on that note – is there a way of preserving the dates for these files or are they all going to show as being added the day of the migration? I’ve done PC to PC migrations before and all file dates transferred over but I wasn’t sure if that would be the case here.



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    2 years ago

    Well, having never needed to do this, I can’t say much. Windows Migration Assistant seems to be a good option. I don’t see the harm in trying it. I see Apple has some info here:

    If you copy the files, that would work too. It isn’t like you need to copy your preferences and data from app-to-app since there would be different apps on your PC than on your Mac (Music, TV, Photos, etc).

    If you are copying files that shouldn’t change their dates. It isn’t creating new versions of those files, it is just copying them. People bring files from ExFAT (Windows) formatted drives all the time and it would be quite a problem if dates were always resetting just because the file moved.

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