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How To Calibrate Step Counter iPhone 6

My step counter and distance in the Health app appears to be in error when compared others in my group. Is there a calibration procedure where this can be checked or set ?

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    8 years ago

    First, make sure your height is set in the Health app. In the app, go to Health Data, Body Measurements, Height. I believe it uses that number to help with step calculations.
    Next, check to make sure you are allowing your phone's GPS to be used to calibrate steps. Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services (all the way at the bottom), and check Motion Calibration & Distance.
    I think that is all you can do unless you have an Apple Watch which has a dedicated Workout app that you can use to start and end a walk -- which would then, I presume, use your height and the distance traveled to calibrate the steps.
    Two other things to consider. First is where you put your iPhone. For instance, in a loose pocket it may measure movement differently than tightly tied to your arm in a band. Second, consider that others in your group may be off too. For instance if they have all turned off that GPS setting or have not set their height).

    8 years ago

    I have the same problem since I updated my iPhone to 9.2.1
    It does not help with the above

    8 years ago

    My iPhone 6 Plus (not s), with 9.2.1 recently began logging steps inaccurately - sometimes not accounting for steps at all. I can compare because my work phone, an iPhone 5 (maybe s) with 8.4.1 is showing more steps and longer distance, even though I don't carry it on my person as often or frequently. Never do I have my work phone, and not personal phone, but often have the opposite.

    I travelled recently, and used airplane mode. Could something have gone bad since turning off airplane mode?

    8 years ago

    MattC: Don't know what could be causing your problem. But it probably isn't Airplane Mode. Some people use Airplane mode very often as they enter and leave spaces or cross borders.

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