Forum Question: How to change autofill old email address on MacMost?

How to update old email address auto fill on MacMost when commenting on videos. Have unchecked all autofill options in Safari but still old address appears.
John Forstall

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    5/28/11 @ 8:14 am

    Besides unchecking the options, have you clicked the “edit” buttons next to each one and removed the old addresses? Just to be sure?
    I don’t believe the site is doing anything on this end to “save” the email address. But to be sure, just go through your cookies and delete any macmost-related ones.
    Also, make sure your old email address doesn’t still exist in Address Book somewhere. Maybe Safari is picking it up from thete.

    John Forstall
    5/28/11 @ 8:39 am

    OK , followed your instruction and the old email is gone on MacMost. I think it must have been a cookie. There were hundreds and I could not get them in alphabetical order so had to delete all.
    Thank you very much. Your MacMost continues to be a great source.

      5/28/11 @ 9:02 am uses WordPress. So there may be some built-in functionality to store your previously-used email address in a cookie. But you don’t have to delete them all. You can search your cookies for sites. So a search for “macmost” would have quickly turned it up. See episode 452:

        John Forstall
        5/28/11 @ 10:11 am

        Thanks for instruction on using search.
        MacMost has 7 cookies on my computer. However, it is now displaying the correct email address. All my auto fill are unchecked and MackMost removed with edit, but the auto is still working using correct address.

        I have not deleted the old email account in Mail because Ii was told if I did there may be problems using the address book. Is this true?
        The old account is not active.

    5/28/11 @ 10:15 am

    I was referring to deleting the email address in your address book (if you no longer have that email address at all), not in Mail.
    But you have an old email account that you want to remove from Mail, but don’t because there may be problems with Address Book? Why? I’ve never heard of that. What kind of problems?
    I create and delete test email accounts all the time. Address Book is just a simple database with contacts in it. I don’t see how deleting old email accounts in Mail would affect it.

      John Forstall
      5/28/11 @ 11:56 am

      Yes, I understood about deleting old affress in address book, and did that.
      I was advised by not to delete the old account address in Mail , but instead make the new address the default.

      I agree completly with what you are saying, and cannot see any reason for that advice. However, I went along with it.

      I am having an old email issue with one website (Medco) that lets me sign in, but when I try to access something it says wrong email and sends me back to sign in. I had similar situation with MacMost until I deleted all cookies and now you are OK, but the other site still won’t work. The site tech guy says the problem is with Safari incompadibility. I deleted the old account from Mail, but Medco still won’t work.

      I thank you very much for discussing this with me.

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