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How To Change Creation Date Since Touch Only Changes Modification Date?

Hello Gary. I saw your video about changing the creation date on a file and “WOW it worked”. I’ve been trying to find an easy way to do that for some kids camera avi videos I converted to mp4 for them using handbrake. Searching for a simple way to accomplish changing the new creation date back to the original was, lets say very very disappointing, until I found your little touch command. Thank you for that.
However as you probably already know, It only changes the modified date, not the created date. I’d sure like to change the Created date though. Any way to do that with the touch command or something else simple?

Well, Thanks so very much for the touch info Gary! If I could remember some of the other forums I visited looking for the answer, I’d (with your permission) tell the others (like me looking for the answer) about your help!

Using Handbrake to convert old home made videos and pictures from different formats to h.264 mp4 for family to view on their iPads and iPhones. Unfortunately, Handbrake and many of the other conversion programs all change the original creation dates which I would like to retain original for nostalgic purposes.

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    2 years ago

    I haven't played with any other methods, but the comments in this post here mention some:

    I would just leave the creation date alone as it is the real date the FILE was created, even if the CONTENTS of the file are older. For instance, if I saved a copy of the book Frankenstein, I wouldn't set the creation date to 1/1/1818.

    But for archived footage of video, I would include the date in the file name. Like "19830131 Family"

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