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How To Change/Upgrade To a New iMac?


I need help in deciding what to do.
My present computer (macOS High Sierra; 21.5-inch, Mid 2011) cannot be upgrade to the latest OS.
My apprehension is based in the fact how easy it would be to purchase a new imac (“catalina”?) and be ab le to have it up-and-running quickly.
As you know, my present machine has 32-bits apps that will NOT work on macOS 10.15 “Catalina” and the latest/modern 64-bits apps.
Another question, would I be able to access the internet while using the browser (with its user name and passwword) that I currently have or would I have to purchase an additional browser if the plan is to pass the old iMac to my wife? (She also has an iPad!)
What would be better to visit a near-by Apple Store and purchase a new machine or purchase the new machine through a neighbourhood Apple dealer?
Have you produced a video that may cover some of these things? (Or do you know a source that I should consult to help clarify my muddled head?)

Fernando Gonçalves

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    4 years ago

    Which apps are you concerned about, specifically? Any app developed or updated in the last few years should be 64-bit, so it would have to be an older app or version to still be 32-bit. Any reason why you haven't update those apps?

    I'm not sure about your browser question. Browsers are all free, so you can't really "purchase" one. I'm not understanding what it is you are concerned about. Buying a new Mac doesn't somehow affect the old one. I would just have your wife use her account on the old iMac or create an account there if she doesn't already have one. That way she is using the same Apple ID on her iPad and that Mac.

    It doesn't really matter if you buy the Mac at an Apple Store or a dealer. You can take it to the Apple Store for service either way. But I like the experience at the Apple Store. I can't say anything about your local dealer since I don't know anything about them.

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