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How To Choose the Picture-in-Picture Shape In ScreenFlow?

Hello Gary,

In almost all your videos, your picture-in-picture is a square with round corners.

In some other YouTube videos, the presenter picture-in-picture is a circle.

I use ScreenFlow and the only shape available seems to be a rectangle.

In brief, what is the trick (or software) to use in order to choose the picture-in-picture shape?

Keep up the good work!
Vincent Allard

Comments: One Response to “How To Choose the Picture-in-Picture Shape In ScreenFlow?”

    6 years ago

    In ScreenFlow, the only "shape" is a rectangle, yes. But you can alter it in two ways. First, you can use the Crop option in the Video properties to crop the left and right sides, which you can use to get a square. I like doing that since there's nothing going on to the left and right sides of me, so I might as well show more of the screen.
    To get the rounded corners, there is also a setting called Corner Round. You can use that to round out the corners. I use a setting of 50 most of the time.
    But you can use much higher settings, like 400, to bring a square shape close to a circle.

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