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How To Collapse Rows In Numbers?

How can I collapse (group) a couple of selected rows – not all – with a “button” in Numbers? This is similar to Excel’s Group button. I tried through Categories, but appears to work only with all rows.
I appreciate and value your knowledge and constant support. You are great !!! Thank you !!

I just want to hide/unhide specific rows without having to go to the menu. Like Categories, the firt row will show a summary of “tasks”, but the expansion shows all of them. Unfortunately, Categories seams to include all rows in different categories, I just want a few
Gustavo , from Argentina

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    2 years ago

    Categories is one way to do it. But make sure you have your table set up correctly. For instance, you may have column A as a header column and then the category for each row in column A. So all the values in A would be "Category 1," Category 2," "Category 3," etc. The actual names of the categories you have, not those examples. So every single row would have a category assigned to it. "Category 1" may be used in 5 rows and "Category 2" in 7 rows, etc.

    Then you can use Categories for column A and easily collapse and expand your table as you like.

    You can then hide column A if you like. It is tricky to then add new rows, but if you go to the last row at the bottom of each category, select a cell, and press Return, it should add a new row with the category value in column A matching the category of the row above it.

    2 years ago

    Simply the Best !!! Thank you !! 🙂

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