Forum Question: How to connect Ipod touch 4 + macbook to samsung t.v.

I have IPod touch 4 and a Macbook, which I want to connect to a t.v (Samsung). Apple sold me the cable along with the IPod to connect the two to the t.v. I plugged in all the cables (three into the t.v. screen), and one into the IPod and one into the MacBook. I entered PC into the t.v. screen, but the IPod and MacBook still don’t register on the t.v.
What do I have to do?
Bill Jackson

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    7/14/11 @ 10:28 am

    So you selected PC on the TV. But is your iPod plugged into the PC port? Check to see exactly what the name of the input you have plugged it into. Then set the TV to display that one.
    Second, are you playing anything on your iPod? You must play a video to have it output something.

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