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How to Copy Data From One Spreadsheet To Another?

How do I have entry’s in the first sheet automatically update the second sheet?
Dale Douglass

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    4 years ago

    I assume you are asking about spreadsheets in a single document. “Spreadsheets” refer to the sheets (or pages) in a document. This is different than if you mean two different documents (files).
    So you have Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 in the same document. The cells in the document can refer to each other easily. You don’t even have to worry about the syntax of the formula, you can just use the mouse and cursor and let Numbers do the work for you.
    So suppose you want the value of cell B7 in Sheet 1 to appear in cell C9 of Sheet 2. Just sick in C9 of Sheet 2, type = to start a formula. Then click on Sheet 1 across the top of the window to switch to that spreadsheet. Then click on B7. The formula you will then see is =Sheet1::Table 1:C7. Now that C9 cell will show the value of B7 in the first sheet. When that B7 changes, C9 will update to reflect the change.
    You can, of course, use more complex formulas than just the straight value of the cell. But you get the idea. If you need a whole block of cells that do this, then copy and paste will work to get you there quickly. For instance, copy C9 into D10 and you should get =Sheet1::Table 1:D8 (one over and one down) in the new cell.

    4 years ago

    I’ve found what Gary has described is incredibly simple while using a single file. I have a small business and do daily receipts and expenses, totalling them both (red ink and black) using a single column for the week. Directly above this, in the same column (for easy reference and viewing) I I have a running total for all previous weeks. Each week, I simply copy the accumulated data and paste it into the next week column. I am prompted if I want data or formulas, I choose formulas. Easy

    Rich Randall
    4 years ago

    OK, same document addressed, but then how about making a different document update?

    4 years ago

    Rich: No easy way to do that. I’ve seen people try some complex things with AppleScript and such, but that is a ton of effort unless you happen to be an expert at it.

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