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How To Copy & Paste an Attachment Icon From Email To Pages Document?

I produce a Bulletin for a Club using PAGES and at times I want to copy & paste the icon of an attachment I have received in an email so as to include it in my bulletin, not an open attachment, only the icon. Is this possible?
John Jellyman

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    6 years ago

    How about this: take a screen shot. Use Control+Shift+Command+4 to grab just a tight rectangle around the icon. Do that in a Finder window so you have a nice white background. You could also go into System Preferences and temporarily change your Desktop background to whatever color you want if white doesn't work. Control+Shift+Command+4 puts the captured area into the clipboard, so then you can just paste into Pages. Quick and easy.

    Also, if you to this in a Finder window or the Desktop, you can use Finder, View, Show View Options and enlarge the icon if you want to make it bigger.

    I can think of other methods, but they are more complex and depend on whether you are looking at standard app icons, like a Word document icon, or a preview-type icon, like a small thumbnail of an image.

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