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How To Create a Control-click Move To Location?

On my desktop, if I control-click a file, one of the menu choices that appears is “Move to Dropbox” which will move the file/folder to my Dropbox folder in Finder.
How do I or can I create more options for this “Move to” list? For example create a “Move to Downloads” option or “Move to Documents”

Thanks for your time.
Dennis Morehouse

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    4 years ago

    I believe that option is added by Dropbox. So there isn’t a way to do that normally, it is added by an app’s inner workings.
    But there are even better ways to do quick moves than with a Control+click+select. Why not put those common folders on the right side of the Dock for a quick drag-and-drop. Or, on the left side of the Finder window (that’s what I do). Or, on the top toolbar of the Finder window. Any of these locations would work well if you are often looking to move something to a few specific folders.

    4 years ago

    You could use Automator to add a service, which would then appear in the control-click menu of all apps, including Finder.

    4 years ago

    I use an alias on the desktop to drop to frequently used folders on external drives.

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