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How To Create a Spoken Meeting Reminder?

I’ve just installed Monterey, and I’m looking at Shortcuts for the first time. I wonder if it’s possible to write a shortcut to verbally announce when my next meeting is about to start? Ideally MacOS would speak up a minute or two before my meeting is about to begin, and even offer to open the Zoom or Google Meet call for me. How would you guys do this?

In this age of Zoom, I find that I’m often distracted and forget to join calls at the right time. Notifications pop up, but I don’t always see them. I’d love a shortcut that would use speech to announce the meeting a minute or two before its scheduled start time. That would give me time to save my work and jump into the call. In a perfect world the shortcut would look at all my meetings and just announce the ones during work hours, or just the ones in my work calendar.
Adam Bezark

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    3 years ago

    You can do this on the iPhone and iPad, but not yet on the Mac. On those devices you can set up an automation to run at a certain time in the Shortcuts app.

    On the Mac, you can do this using Calendar and Automator. It is fairly easy to set up an Automator workflow to speak something or play a sound. I show that here:

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