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How to create MP3 from streaming audio

Gary, love your site and info… Keep it coming…
I wanted to know what the best software package is to create MP3’s from streaming audio sites. It is much easier to have a MP3 on my iPod than to keep streaming the music over 3G on my iPhone.
I guess I could find a recorder program (not sure if Snow Leopard has something built in) and play the stream and then record it but wanted to know if there was an app that took care of it for me.
Bob Bahador

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    10 years ago

    You can probably use Wiretap Studio or Sound Flower to record the stream and save it to a file. A bit of a manual process, but there’s no good way to make it easier.
    Of course, consider that you are probably violating the terms of use of whatever streaming audio site you are using.

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