Forum Question: How To Create New Folder/sub Folder When Saving a New File or ‘save As’?

Hope the Question explains the issue. In Word I often have to make a new file and place it in a new folder. But The function only give you the Main folders (the LEFT-menu) from Finder. And you can’t drill into the folder and it’s subfolders. And clearly you can’t just type a new path/folder.
Guess it’s simple, I just can’t see the Light! Can You?
Regards Jan
Jan Pæst

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    7/22/12 @ 9:05 am

    The “Save As” dialog for almost any application has two modes. In the simple mode, you can’t do much except name the file and save it to a location listed under the “Where” pull-down menu.
    But the detailed mode allows you to navigate to any folder, create new folders, etc.
    To switch to the detailed mode, look for the button just to the right of the field where you type the new file’s name. It is a square-ish button with a small triangle pointed downward. Anytime you see a triangle like this, it usually means “click me to expand.”

    Jan Præst
    7/22/12 @ 11:16 am

    Thanks. Gary. Yes, If I only knew… ;-)

    7/22/12 @ 8:37 pm

    Gary – do you *ever* sleep between intercontinental trips and keeping up with “MAC”? – Thanks for this tip. Solved an annoying annoyance.

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