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How To Create PDFs In Finder Using Quick Actions?

Hi Gary
How can I create a PDF in finder using quick action in all new MacOS Mojave. If I select multiple files in finder and then select the option to create PDF, then where does that PDF file saved??? Also plz tell me how to create watermarks in those PDFs.

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    2 years ago

    Quick Actions are meant to be, well, quick actions. There aren’t a lot of options, or any options at all when it comes to some of them. The Create PDF one is a good example. It simply takes the currently selected single file, and creates a PDF from it. That is all it does. It doesn’t work with multiple files, and it doesn’t have any special features like adding watermarks.

    As for where it is saved, just try it and you’ll see. It puts the PDF in the same folder as the original file.

    If you want to add watermarks to PDFs, then this Quick Action won’t help. You can still do that many ways, but not with a Quick Action. Some PDF editing software has watermarking ability, and you can create an Automator process to do it if you have the skills to use Automator in that way.

    Edward Platt
    2 years ago

    Please answer the question: “How do I Create a PDF In Finder Using Quick Actions?” If I reverse click a .docx file and go to quick actions, it says “customize”. When I go to customize, one of the options showing is “Create PDF”. Now what? How do I get it to execute the conversion to a PDF? Thanks in advance.

    2 years ago

    Edward: In the case of docx files, there is no way to create a PDF with w Quick Action. You wouldn’t want it to anyway, since you’ll want to open it in Microsoft Word so it all renders exactly as it should. Then create the PDF in Word.

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