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How To Create the Best Photo Book, iPhoto or Aperture?

how do i create the best book. Do i use iPhoto or aperture.
if i order through Apple is the quality better in aperture than iPhoto.?
michael dowling

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    12 years ago

    I've only ever used iPhoto to make books. I can't imagine the photo quality would be any different, but maybe Aperture has some other options/themes that iPhoto doesn't.
    Maybe someone who has used both can help answer this one.

    12 years ago

    I have used both to make photo books. Gary is correct in that there are more options with Aperture, like two page layout of a single photo. Very cool. The quality of the printing is essentially the same. High quality with a high cost.
    With the extra options, prefer to use Aperture.
    Hope that helps..

    John M. Hammer
    12 years ago

    I agree with both Gary and Rick. However... If you need to ask this question, you should probably go with the less-expensive and more user-friendly option, which is iPhoto. If iPhoto isn't giving you a large enough tool chest after you become expert with it, you can then move up to Aperture which is the more expensive "pro" application.

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