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How to Decline Incoming Calls on the iPhone?

How do I decline an unwanted incoming call when the screen on my iPhone 7 is locked?
Steve Wolf

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    6 years ago

    You've got two ways to do it, depending on how you want to decline the call. They both use the sleep/wake button on the side of your phone. On other models it is on the top.
    If you press this once, then it silences the call. The caller will still hear the rings and then get to your voicemail at the same time.
    The second is to press the sleep/wake button twice quickly. This immediately declines the call. The caller is sent to voicemail right away.
    Why would you want to do the first and not the second? With the first, you are not giving away the fact that you are taking an action. The caller seems to get the same response as if you were out of the room and your phone was ringing away on a table with no one to answer it.

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