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How To Define the Text To Fill Placeholders?

I want to create an agreement and letter in pages where I set placeholders – like “name”, “company” etc and later get a filled out document that can be saved and send out.

I have found how to define text as placeholder but can’t find where to set the “replacement”-text that should “jump” in for the placeholder.

Where will I be asked to define the “insert” for the placeholder?
Is there anywhere here already an answer to it or even a course? I have found Gary’s video about defining place holders but not how to fill them.

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    4 years ago

    The idea behind placeholders is that you see some text there, but as soon as you select it the text clears out and it becomes empty, ready for you to type something.

    It sounds like instead of it becoming empty, you want it to have some text already there when you select it to start typing. Is that correct?

    You wouldn't use a placeholder then at all. Just have the text already there, ready for you to alter the next time you edit a copy of that document.

    4 years ago

    thank you, you are right,Gary. I want to fill into a text , that stays same, just fill somewhere one time a different name and from there it fills 125 times the "name" into the agreement.
    So that is not what a placeholder is for?
    thx again j

    4 years ago

    I was hoping that Pages could pull name and address info from Address Book and fill it into a placeholder ā€“ but as Jan, I was barking up the wrong tree. Or am I?

    4 years ago

    Jan & Ron: Sounds like what you want is Mail Merge. Pages doesn't do that. You can do it in Word if you really need it.

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