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How To Delete System Cache Files From OS X?

I’m trying to speed up the performance of my MacBook Pro system wide, but mostly in Safari which is loading web pages very slow. What is the easiest and quickest way to free up space by deleting system cache files in the Library folder? And would deleting unnecessary cache files help to improve performance? Are applications like CleanMyMac useful or are they dangerous tools disguised to help you?

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    8 years ago

    First, let me address what I think is a misunderstanding. You say you want to speed up your Mac by deleting the system cache. But caches are things that speed up your Mac. Deleting them will not speed things up, but slow things down. At least until the caches are rebuilt.
    Now it is potentially possible that a cache could be corrupt and that could slow things down. But that is true of any system on your computer. It isn't likely at all.
    You could use some third-party apps to clear caches, but you don't need to. OS X maintains its system caches without them. You won't get anything more by slapping on another app to manage system things.
    Applications like the one you mention range from not-needed to not-needed + harmful. I've never heard that the one you mention is harmful. But it isn't needed. OS X takes care of itself. I don't recommend typical Mac users getting any sort of cleaning or maintenance software. OS X already does what it needs.
    If web page loading is slow, it is more likely due to your connection than to Safari. But you can always take it to the Genius Bar for a first-hand look. Perhaps you have a Safari extension that is causing the slow-down? Try disabling them all and see if that helps.

    8 years ago

    Gary, thanks so much for the advice. I disabled two extensions and I'll monitor Safari's performance today looking for any improvements in speed. It seems like already there is some improvement. Also, I want to thank you for producing your regular newsletter which I find very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work!

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