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How To Delete User Account?

When we are deleting user accounts … after the first steps are done they will ask us with 3options to select

1) Save the home folder in the disk image

2) Don’t change the home Folder

3)delete the home folder

I don’t know what to choose probably must be the 3rd one .. “I need to delete everything from the mac relating to that user account is it the 3rd option in my case… If so please explain all of these three options in simple words to understand please .. Thank you
Dineth Gunawardana

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    2 years ago

    The first option and the third option both delete the Home folder for that user. But the first option will save a copy of everything into a disk image. Choose that if you want to keep an archive of what was in the Home folder.

    The second option deletes the user account, but leaves the Home folder in place. So you can navigate to it from another account, probably an admin account, to get to the files that are there.

    If you don't need anything in that user account at all, you just want to delete it and every file, photo, and piece of data in the account forever, then choose option three.

    2 years ago

    How to delete iTunes user name and insert the new I tunes I’d (Apple).
    Thank you

    2 years ago

    Sasi: Need more context. In which app on which device? Be specific.

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