Forum Question: How to deodorise/remove hairspray odour laptop

I’ve been sharing a room for some months where hairspray and spray perfumes are used. I’ve moved to a new place but my laptop is filling the whole apartment with very strong,acrid, perfumish/chemicalish odour of hot hairspray. Leaving it to burn off has not reduced the unpleasant smell, which seems to be affecting my eyes, nose and giving me headaches!! How can I clean my mac, surfaces, and inside the body to get rid of the hairspray residue? I can’t use it anymore because the emissions are so bad. I have heard that careful cleaning with white spirit or meths is required. Can you show/tell how to clean inside an older mac laptop?
G Rose

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    4/20/11 @ 8:20 am

    I’ve never come across that sort of thing before.
    I like to use lens cleaning “wipes” to clean the screen and outside of my machines. But I would never use anything with moisture to clean the inside.
    I’d go to a computer or electronics store and buy whatever “wipes” they sell for the outside. But for the inside I would simply get a can of compressed air (they would sell that there too) and blow out all the dust.
    I don’t know what else to suggest.

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