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I had 2 80 gig Hard Drives that I tried to turn into a single 160 Gig HD in order to be able to back up my Internal 160 Gig HD. When I made a RAID it ended up as a single 80 Gig HD. How do I either split the RAID back into 2 80 GIg drives or how do I convert the RAID into a 160 Gig HD?
Martin Kaynan

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    8/25/11 @ 9:58 am

    The idea of a RAID is that you are using more than one drive so the data appears in more than one place. So two 80GB drives would become one 80GB drive, but with the data duplicated.
    I’m not an expert on RAIDs, but I believe that there is another way to do it where the drive is one 160GB drive, but data is spread out in such a way that speed is increased — it can get data from both drives at the same time. But that sort of thing would be useful to a video editor, and won’t help your backups, necessarily.
    The way to get it back is to reformat both drives, destroying the RAID. So make sure you don’t have any data on them that you need.
    I would simply get a larger drive to use as a TM backup. Drives are so cheap now, a 1TB comes in under $100, and a 500GB one even less.

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