Forum Question: How To Do a 2 Page Spread In Pages for a Magazine?

Hey Gary, Love the How to Video’s, Well I want to do a E-Magazine thru Mag Cloud and I will using Apple Pages, Just learning How to use it, My question is I want to use a Single Image for a 2 Page Spread in Pages, I can’t seem to be able to do it, or maybe it can’t be done, do you know of a work around, the Magazine will be stapled in the middle any help would be great, Indesign will probably do it can’t afford to get or learn that now Thanks in advance Michael
Michael Kellogg

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    6/26/12 @ 3:29 am

    Not easily. Pages doesn’t have a good way to do it.
    But you could always put the image on both pages, and crop accordingly.
    Or, create two images in your image editing software (Photoshop, etc) and put one on each page.
    Or, create a page that is twice the width of a normal page and put the spread on that.

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