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How To Do a Search Of All Numbers Sheet Titles In One File – NOT Content?

I am a musician and have several repertoires, which I keep in separate sheets in a Mac Numbers file. Each sheet title tells me the name of that repertoire. I have MANY repertoires in this file and sometimes I want to just jump to the one I want without having to wade through the whole file to find it. Is there an easy way to do a search term that would query just the titles, not the contents?
Ukulele Clare

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    1 year ago

    One idea would be to put the title in row 1, instead of the special title that appears above the table. Or in both places, maybe hiding the title.

    You could always select all of the cells in the first row and use Table, Merge Cells to make the first row one large cell. Then you can center the text in it.

    Actually, you can also have that cell (A1) grab the name of the table and use it automatically with a formula like this:

    That will give you text like “My Table Name::A1″. You can do better by just replacing the ::A1 like this:

    1 year ago

    Each sheet title (which appears in a running row above all the sheets) contains the name of each unique list of songs. Some songs appear in several lists (or sheets). I want to be able to call up a particular sheet TITLE – the title ROW at the VERY top. Sometimes the name of the writer appears within the list AND as a sheet title (if I have a set list for a particular songwriter, for ex – and a songwriter is credited with a song within a sheet, wich causes them all to be called up in a search.

    1 year ago

    Clare: OK, I see. I think your only solution then is to include the sheet title in two places: as the sheet title and also as some text. So add a text box at the top of each sheet and place a copy of the sheet title in there. Since sheet titles don’t appear in searches, that’s the only way I can think to be able to search for them. Numbers just isn’t meant to be a “database of sheets” like that. But as to how to search for only those text boxes, and not include other cells, I can’t think of an easy way. Maybe make another table or document that is an index?

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