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How To Enter Clean Screen Mode On Mac?

Is there an easy way to disable keyboard when cleaning screen and keyboard on Mac. I have tried shutting down but as soon as I touch the keyboard the systems stats up again.
Terry T

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    4 years ago

    Which specific model do you have? For cleaning the screen, you won't need to do anything, of course, as the screen isn't a touch screen. You can clean it with a mostly-dry cloth while using it.

    For desktop Macs with the current wireless keyboards, you just turn them off with the switch. For older wireless keyboards you can turn them off by holding the button. For USB keyboards, you can just unplug them.

    If you have a MacBook since 2016 then tapping any key on the keyboard will cause it to start up if it has been shut down. Nothing you can do about that. But it is possible to just clean the keyboard while it is on. Just quit all apps or have an app like TextEdit open with a blank document so that any keys pressed won't do anything harmful. Or, some people log out so you are on the login screen. Nothing you can really do there except enter your password and it is unlikely that can happen by accident when cleaning your keyboard. Just clean slowly and methodically like you should be doing anyway and pay attention while doing it.

    Terry T
    4 years ago

    It is a 2019 MacBook that I am trying to clean. I powered off but when I touched a key to wipe the keyboard it started up and was at login mode. I didn't notice that I was getting several login error messages as I cleaned the keys and almost got locked out. I think opening a text edit screen is the best option.

    John M. Hammer
    4 years ago

    Gary’s advice is best. But if you want a utility to disable your keyboard while you clean it, try this one:

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