Forum Question: How to exclude cells from a SUM

I have a column in my cash journal that sums up each days revenue. But some clients fall into the ‘accounts payable’ category. I’d like to include that revenue earned from those clients for the week it was earned but not have it included in the SUM for that column — which needs to equal the amount of cash I will deposit that week.
Is there a way to segregate the ‘payable’ cells so that those amounts are visible, but not included in the SUM of the week’s total revenue?

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    6/29/11 @ 1:18 pm

    I’d simply put those two amounts in separate columns. I’d have a column for accounts payable amounts and a column for other amounts. So those two different types of numbers are not in the same column. Then they won’t get mixed up in the total.

    6/29/11 @ 7:38 pm

    Thanks Gary … a nice, simple solution : ) I just found your site and love what you’re doing and looking forward to exploring more … Regards … Ramone

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