Forum Question: How To Export iPhoto Photos From One User To Another?

My wife and I share an iMac and I was wondering how I can export certain photos from her iPhoto to my iPhoto. Can this be done?
Love the show…keep up the great work!
Joe Giacalone

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    11/15/11 @ 7:04 pm

    Well you’ve got some options. If you just want to do a straight export and import, then you can simply export them (drag and drop is my favorite way) into the Shared folder in the Users folder. Or, you can put them on another shared space (external drive) if you use one. Or, you could drop them into her Public Folder/Drop Box.
    Then, she can drag and drop them into her iPhoto to get those.
    You can also share your entire iPhoto library by putting it in a shared location and both using it.

    Joe Giacalone
    11/15/11 @ 7:34 pm

    Wow, you came through again Gary!

    Thank you

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